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Burwood Nurseries is a family based business that was established in 1980 on large Waikato premises, and currently employs over 30 staff.  The business has continued to expand over the years, with the purchase of additional land to cater for the growing demand for Burwood product.
Artic Queen SinglePassionate about growing, Greg Dunn as Nursery Manager, who has been growing quality product for many years, works in closely with all staff and nursery facilitators to ensure we continue to produce flowers of the highest quality and to achieve our mission:

"To be a trusted provider of distinctive quality fresh product - every time!"



Burwood Nurseries Ltd specialise predominantly in Spray Chrysanthemums 52 weeks of the year, while offering other seasonal crops such as Lisianthus and Sunflowers from mid November through to May, and Stock throughout the colder winter months.

Offering the ever-so-popular florist staple flowers to the market place, we are renowned for the Chrysanthemum and Lisianthus' terrific quality and long vase life, which is up to 2-3 weeks.  We can achieve this by ensuring our flowers are harvested at exactly the correct stage in their life cycle, and despatched from our central depot within two to three days of being picked.

Being one of New Zealand's largest cut Chrysanthemum growers, we are able to offer a huge selection of varieties and an extensive colour palette to suit any flower user's need. 
Cayenne SingleWe encompass two main varieties of Chrysanthemums, namely the daisy and the double flower.

All Chrysanthemums are grown from cuttings taken here at Burwood Nurseries, and are endorsed in a process of propagation.  They are then transplanted out into production houses until they flower and are harvested twelve weeks later. 

Our Lisianthus range has extended and improved significantly in the last three years while we have been trialling many new varieties.  We are now pleased to provide new colours to the market place, including double brown, champagne, and peach to name a few.  Many florists delight in using these beautiful creations in their stores and for weddings and other commercial events.

Environmentally Sustainable Practices

Burwood Nurseries generate minimal waste, as all plant material is composted down and Rosita Greenspread through the houses before planting occurs again the next season.

To minimise the amount of chemicals used, we steam sterilise before replanting to sustain the natural nutrients and minerals in the soil.

We focus on ensuring any other waste is recycled where possible.